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Safety & Environment

Besides quality and reliability in terms of delivery, other important operating aspects include health, safety and environment, and Smulders requires that they meet the highest standards. For this reason our operations are based on carefully documented working methods; we perform risk analyses on an ongoing basis and we keep records of all the production phases in our projects. This type of dynamics can be achieved only in an open-minded organisation, where all the employees feel jointly responsible for the full circle of offering the best service possible.

Smulders realises very well that our passion for steel can only grow in a safe and eco-friendly environment. We want to make a strong contribution to such an environment, not only through our activities in the area of renewable energy, but also by ensuring that our companies operate in a safe and sustainable manner – always and everywhere.


Quality is assured throughout the entire process by following a set of fixed procedures under the supervision of our project managers, quality departments, welding engineers, technology engineers and, if necessary, a permanently present independent third party. We avail of all the required certificates and work by the applicable standards. Our welding procedures, for instance, all follow the certified procedures. Surface treatment is applied according to the set requirements, and Smulders invests in the latest technology for eco-friendly application of high-quality paint systems, designed with a view to a long life cycle.


Our management system is certified to the following international standards:  ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), OHSAS 18001 (safety), VCA PVCA** (Spomasz), ISO 50001 (Spomasz),  EN1090 EXC 2EN1090 EXC 4EN ISO 3834-2 and Achilles.