About us


Project management

Our experienced project managers have a major role to play in our flexible projects operation. They supervise the project from start to finish and represent both the client's interests and those of Smulders itself. We strive towards active collaboration and open communication with the client.

Our open and transparent approach to communication, combined with our flexible attitude, leads us to raise any issues immediately and begin looking for solutions. Smulders aims to work within the spirit of the contract to establish a proactive approach to client collaboration that both parties will find enjoyable and effective.

It is this philosophy of sharing the client's perspective that ensures our clients can always count on Smulders, both during and after every project. 


One of the unique features of the Smulders is our extensive in-house engineering division. Seasoned engineers prepare the designs and calculations for all the required parts according to the applicable quality standards. Our engineering division consists of a network of 20 highly qualified calculation experts and more than 50 draughtsmen spread out over our companies in Arendonk, Balen and Bangalore (India). Our extensive experience gives us a huge lead in terms of efficiency: from the very beginning of each project we incorporate the practical implementation as well as the opportunities and limitations of the logistics process.

It is this philosophy of thinking alongside and empathizing with the customer that ensures that clients can always count on Smulders, even after a project is finalized.

Surface treatment

Surface treatment is considered a critical process in the manufacture of steel constructions. For this reason, Smulders invests in the right people and high-quality materials. All our production units have their own blast cabinets and paint spray area, their capacity attuned to market demand and the product portfolio.

The third and largest production facility of the Smulders is located in Hoboken. Its first production area of 12,000 m² contains a blast room and a paint spray hall, both equipped with a sliding roof to enable the handling of components of up to 600 tonnes. This area is used mainly for manufacturing tube foundations (Transition Pieces or TPs) for the offshore wind industry. Each working day of the year we blast and spray one foundation at this unit, which adds up to about 260 tube foundations per year. The unit is equipped for four manual shot blasters, while a robotic blaster can take over any pieces with common dimensions. 

Certified in-house Nace coating inspectors provide the necessary quality assurance.