By using a well thought-out mix of locations, capacity and facilities, Smulders Projects has optimally geared itself towards the production of foundations and towers for the on- and offshore sectors throughout the years. The machine park is continuously analyzed and, where necessary, improved to ensure a product has the shortest possible lead time with logistical efficiency. A flexible production process has been created with large capacity, quick response and delivery time of high quality products within Smulders. 

A large part of these activities takes place at Smulders Projects Belgium, the production plant in Antwerp. It is here that the foundations and other large offshore structures are composed and painted using the pre-fabricated products realised by other companies of Smulders. 

Because of its ideal location next to the Scheldt, finished products can be transported easily to their next destination.

Specific characteristics:

  • Hoisting capacity of a 650 ton portal crane covering a surface of 60.000 m² and two 240 ton overhead cranes with a combined capacity of 480 ton;
  • Large production halls of 240 x 40 x 20 m and 320 x 46 x 36 m;
  • Semi-automated blasting hall;
  • High quality paint spray halls with controlled and conditioned environment air;
  • Storage capacity of over 30.000 m², within reach of the portal crane;
  • Connection of production location with an open river to the North Sea.