Smulders Projects International B.V.

Excellent project management with in-house means

Each project is different and often each foundation or tower is unique. After years of experience there is nothing in this field which can surprise Smulders Group. From boat landings to platforms: customers only need to indicate what they want. From that point onwards Smulders Group conducts the whole process: purchase, subcontracting within the division, production and logistics. The starting point is the time and cost efficient realisation of a project, for which safety and supply chain security are undisputed goals.

Project management
An important role within the flexible project organisation is placed on the experienced project managers. They guide these projects from A to Z and look after the interest of both the customer and Smulders Group itself. The aim is an active collaboration with the customer through open communication. Project management takes place from the head quarters in Arendonk. Because Smulders Group is spread out across Europe and has several production locations, each with its own character and size, the diverse activities can be divided both logistically and successfully. Smulders Group is very conscious of its position within the production chain. Time is money and deadlines are there to be met: so Smulders Group always delivers on time.

The project management team is assisted by the in-house engineering department. Experienced engineers take care of the design and assessment of the desired components, according to the required standards and quality demands. Composite and detailed drawings are realized within the head office. By taking the practical execution into account from the very start, as well as the possibilities and restrictions of the logistical process, a significant efficiency head start is made.

Within the division Wind turbine constructions, Smulders Projects International B.V. is responsible for the project management and engineering of on- and offshore wind turbine projects.